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Sydney picnic spots

Best Picnic Spots in Sydney

This time of year is all about coming together, celebrating great friendships and being thankful for what matters most. For me, it’s family, friends & food.  There is one other thing that I’m forever thankful for & that’s the beautiful city of Sydney which I call home. I’m constantly reminded of this, whether it’s…

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Avocado, chilli & smoked sea salt toast

Are you madly in love with avocados like me? If yes, you’re not alone. Did you know that us Aussies consume more avocados than any other English speaking nation. Originating in South & Central America, the avo (lovingly called in Australia) arrived on our shores in 1840 and first planted in Sydney’s…

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foodie gifts

Foodie Gifts under $100

To help ease some of the stress this Christmas, I’ve put together a Gift List for all the foodies in your life. Alternatively, you could share this with your friends & family to help them buy YOU the perfect gift this Christmas. Either way, I hope it makes someone’s life a little less…

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Tuna, Dill & Caper Salad with Crunchy Rosemary Croutons

Spring has well and truly sprung in our garden with an abundance of spring blooms & herbs.The gardenia’s are bright white with a smell that is truly captivating, the chilli plants are sprouting with little white & yellow flowers and our dill is tall & wild. I’m loving jumping straight into the garden after a long day at work,…

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Top 5 Wines For Summer

Summer is just around the corner. Along Manly’s beachfront, I’ve noticed an increase of people doing their morning runs, bootcamp and sipping on green juices, obviously preparing for the bikini baring months ahead. Whilst I’ve also upped my daily runs (ok, brisk walk with the pooch), I’ve been doing some other…

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